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Shockwave Therapy

** Only available at Burwood Clinic.

Shockwave therapy was introduced into clinical practice in the 1980’s initially for the management of kidney and urinary stones (1). ESWT was then researched in orthopaedics where it was identified as enhancing the osteogenic response improving fracture healing (3) (4).

Over the last 20 years, shockwave therapy has been used as method of treatment for musculoskeletal conditions and stimulation of bone growth (4).

ESWT is a noninvasive treatment that delivers high frequency shock waves to injured soft tissue to accelerate healing and reduce pain (5). ESWT is often an effective option for patients that have tried rest, ice, medication or other therapies and still present with chronic and unresolved tendinopathies (85% of patients had a 50% pain reduction in hamstring tendinopathy after treatment).


ESWT is frequently practised for the management of common lower limb conditions, including:

Plantar Fasciitis (Plantar fasciopathy) & Heel Pain

– Achilles Tendinopathy – Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome)

– Jumpers Knee (Patellar Tendinopathy) & Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome

– Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy

– Hip pain (Trochanteric Bursitis)

– Stress fractures

– Gout

– Calcific Tendonitis

– Morton’s Neuroma

– Cellulite (enquire more here for cellulite treatment with Dr. Jade)

Your skilled Podiatrist will discuss a recommended treatment plan with you at your clinical consult based on your presenting condition and other lifestyle factors. A standard course of treatment usually involves 1 treatment per week for 2 – 5 weeks. Each session takes approximately 10-15 minutes to perform.

To achieve a desired level of symptom relief, we continue treatment as needed. The body continues to go through its own physiological healing cascade, even after the prescribed sessions of shockwave therapy.

Your treatment plan will also include evidence based advice on how to best manage your condition, whether through rehabilitation, strength or mobility to reduce your risk of re-injury.

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