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Does choice in footwear really lead to foot pain, deformities and injuries ? 

The short answer to this recurring question is absolutely. Let us show you the evidence In a 2018 systematic review which yeilded 1681 citations 18 articles between 50-440 participants resulted the following: 63 and 72% of participants were wearing shoes that did not accommodate either width or length dimensions of their feet. 

There was also evidence that incorrect footwear fitting was associated with foot pain and foot disorders such as lesser toe deformity, bunions, corns and calluses This is the same for athletic footwear. 

What can we do for you? We are deeply in touch with your daily needs and repertoire. 

During our consultations we will assess your current footwear and how your body functions walking in them — we do advise to bring in to the consult the shoes you wear most often (e.g your work shoes, athletic shoes and a casual pair). We will then make footwear recommendations based on your needs and results. 

This is why Rosewell Clinics take pride in footwear education and psychology. We align ourselves with such great visionary footwear companies that have their own podiatry faculty. These brands design and manufacture footwear suitable for all people from all walks of life.


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