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Biomechanical Assessments

Biomechanics is the study and analysis of how people move, not only including the study of human movement but also the internal/external forces that cause those movements, and the effects produced by them on your body. Every part of your body has a specific function; whether they have been over worked or under worked, the results lead your body into compensating, placing you at higher risk of injury. In podiatry, a biomechanical assessment determines whether your joints, soft tissue structures and muscles are efficiently working together by assessing how they integrate into functional (or sport specific) tests and gait (walking pattern) analysis. It is critical that we assess how your body communicates, and how this translates to the movement of your lower limbs and feet. Poor posture, lower back, hips and nerve pain, also have a high attributing factor.

Our bodies need to move to survive and we are reliant on our feet and legs to move us around – whether we’re simply tackling daily tasks or gearing up for a game of soccer. Whether you have an existing injury, if you’re interested in optimising and preparing your body for the rigours of sports or you simply wish to better understand your body and how it moves, we can help you. Don’t wait until you’re in pain, give us a call and let us talk you through the options.



Do you suffer from:

– Heel Pain

– Knee Pain

– Hip & Groin Pain

– Lower Back Pain

– Musculoskeletal imbalance /pain

– Poor posture

– Nerve pain

– Chronic corns and callouses

– Limb length discrepancies

– Ingrown nails

– Forefoot pathologies (bunions, mortons neuroma, plantar plate injuries)

– Foot deformities (from chronic conditions like an inflammatory arthritis or diabetes)

– Strained gait from being overweight

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