Rosewell Clinics Podiatry
About Us

Connecting the future of podiatry and our communities.


Founded and operated by Podiatrist Dr Jade Khoury, Rosewell Clinics are changing podiatry in Australia, creating communities for better health.

Inspired by the need to challenge a health care system fuelled by myopic practice and often through the lens of treating symptoms only, Jade approaches Podiatry as central to overall health and well-being, both clinically and cosmetically, understanding that healthy, mobile and beautiful feet and lower limbs affects more than our physical health; it underpins our emotional and mental well-being. Through Rosewell Clinics Podiatry, Jade introduces a new health concept with, The Well. Bringing together an expert team of podiatrists with a specialist network of interconnected health service providers, this carefully designed medical community adds value to both patient and professional; collectively supporting the journey to better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

A well lies at the heart of a neighbourhood. It nourishes our physical being and shares eternal hope and vitality. It brings people together, sustaining and breathing life. It is our aim at The Well to create energy and innovation in our community; to create jobs and opportunities for others and to build relationships with our patients that will sustain them over the long-term, treating all of their health needs and unlocking a healthier, more connected future.

Podiatry Problems we Solve

We’ll help you unlock a more mobile, connected future, led by healthy feet, legs, hips and backs. Experts in active movement and women’s health, we welcome women, men and children to our clinics. We treat the full scope of podiatric concerns – aesthetically, cosmetically and clinically – with a service culture driven by our genuine desire to help our patients live a healthier life over the long-term.

What we treat includes: