Orthotic Therapy
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Orthotic Therapy

Orthotics are external supports designed to fit in to your footwear to support and optimise the mechanics of your lower limbs and foot posture, providing therapeutic relief for acute and chronic pain.

Foot orthoses have been demonstrated to be effective in the management of a range of condtions such as plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, chronic conditions (such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypermobility syndromes), tendinopathies and neuromas. They can also provide long term benefits toward corns or calluses by reducing high pressure, high friction in footwear.


There are two predominant types of orthotics:

  1. Medical Grade Foot Orthotics — these are mass produced and designed to fit a generic foot shape.
  2. Custom Foot Orthotics — these are prescribed and designed by your podiatrist for your feet to target and treat your specific needs and are generally the gold standard.

– Optimises your lower limb mechanics which will provide a more improved and corrected postural alignment up the body. This will increase your confidence whether you are speaking in a board meeting, playing with your kids or sport activities.

– Improves acute and chronic injuries.

– Corrects limb length discrepancies that may be causing hip, pelvic and lower back issues.

– Prevention for overuse injuries by enhancing foot function position

– Prevents postural foot changes and foot collapse in pregnant women.

– Guides your child’s foot to grow in a more anatomically aligned position.

– Refines proprioceptive sensory input (balance)

This begins with your consultation, where we provide a musculoskeletal and biomechanical assessment including a video gait (walking) analysis. To completely customise your orthotics at Rosewell Clinics we use a structural 3-Dimensional CAD scanner, that curates an impression to the exact dimensions of your foot in its corrected position. This scan along with a detailed prescription form will be sent to our orthotics lab where they will be manufactured.

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