Aesthetic & Cosmetic Podiatry

Our signature medical grade aesthetic and cosmetic procedures for women and men, are designed to assess, diagnose and treat skin and nail abnormalities, or simply provide your hard-working feet with a little well-earned TLC. Consultations are conducted in the privacy of an individual treatment room, with all procedures performed by our expert podiatrists. During your consultation we:

– Assess and diagnose any skin or nail abnormalities

– Remove excess skin, ingrown nails, par back corns and callouses

– Cut, shape and polish nails

– Provide a recommended treatment plan

– Apply podiatry

– Make nourishing oils and moisturisers.

Rosewell Clinics Podiatry comply to the golds standard of infection control policy and procedures to ensure the safety of our patients and associates. All tools and instruments used on patients are thoroughly prepared and sterilised in accordance to the Australian Standards of National Infection Control Guidelines AS 4187-1994 Code of Practice.

Nail Restoration

Damaged nails make us feel insecure and knock our self esteem holding us back from living a full life. Our revolutionary Keryflex treatment, transforms nails damaged by trauma or fungal dystrophy, back into natural looking, healthy nails. Keryflex products protect your natural nail rather than causing damage like gel or acrylic products can. The nail coating mimics a natural nail and is flexible and comfortable. The Keryflex nail restoration process uses thin layers of polymer resin and activator to create a natural, flexible, aesthetically pleasing artificial nail in around 15 minutes. The Keryflex coated nail will generally last for around 6-12 weeks with normal activity, and can be left natural or painted with polish. Nail restoration treatments boost self-confidence and self image, removing barriers that are holding you back from being physically active or choosing a new pair of strappy shoes!

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