Children's Podiatry (Paediatrics)
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Children's Podiatry (Paediatrics)

Being a parent is one of life’s incredible gifts, you learn to become so intuitive to your child. You pick up on their habits, behaviours, measure their growth milestones, you notice EVERYTHING… big and small things. As a parent you will often see and pick up on something that doesn’t seem right developmentally. At Rosewell Clinics we understand your life’s precious gift — Your child’s lower extremities are the developmental foundation to normal and efficient locomotor and gait movement patterns. Our skilled podiatrist assess and treat your babies, toddlers and teenagers for a range of conditions that can be painful, and problematic later in life. We strongly believe in the ethos prevention is key to great health and wellbeing. 

Seeing a podiatrist from a young age provides many health and mental wellbeing benefits for the rest of their lives. Our feet are our foundation for our whole body posture, which is why they have such profound and diverse impacts on the body. They are so much more than just getting us from A to B, rather let us look through the looking glass, and see it is the quality and how they are getting us to our destination.

Common paediatric conditions that we diagnose and manage: Ingrown nails , In-toeing (Pigeon toe walk), Out-toeing (Cowboy walk) , Tippy Toe walking,  Hip pain, Knee pain, Foot and Heel pain. 


Childrens Podiatry - Pediatric Podiatrist Sydney

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