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3 Things to Boost Your Ergonomics in Medical Health Professions


When ergonomics is not practiced, there are social and economic consequences; the most recognizable social consequence is workplace musculoskeletal disease (MSDs).

There has been an increased demand for health professionals visiting patient homes. Now more then ever it is paramount to pay attention to the much dreaded topic of ergonomics (that is IF you want maintain or increase your career longevity and enhance your quality of life😌)


  1. Get a physio to strap you in a more posturally aligned position and repeat (K-Tape targets different receptors within the somatosensory system to “re-educate” your neuromuscular system)
  2. Pilates! Pilates! Pilates!
  3. Be mindful and adjust — Old dogs can learn new tricks thanks to our Neuroplastic brains.