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We are about podiatry that reflects the way we live our lives today. Connecting expert podiatric treatment with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, we treat causes, not symptoms, helping you live a more healthy, balanced and mobile life.


At The Well, we approach podiatric medicine through the knowledge that mobile, healthy and beautiful feet and lower limbs lie at the heart of our overall well-being and underpin our ability to connect with the world. By treating the root cause of a condition and considering those causes within a big picture view of overall health and well-being, we can remove the barriers that are stopping you from living the life you want to live, and we can connect you to a more active, pain free and healthy future. Let us support you on your journey to Well.

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We offer aesthetic and cosmetic treatments that are of medical-grade quality, and are suitable for both men and women. Our services are aimed at examining and identifying any skin or nail abnormalities, while also providing a nurturing touch.

Sports Podiatry

Our clinic offers specialised evaluations that can help you address injuries or achieve your body transformation goals for a healthier and more active lifestyle. These evaluations are simple and non-invasive, making it easy for you to reach your desired outcomes.

Children's Podiatry

Children’s developmental and behavioral fundamentals are relatively basic until they reach 7 years of age. As a result, we acknowledge the aspiration of parents to provide their children with the most stable foundation possible during this crucial period.


Maintaining proper posture is essential for our physical health and overall well-being, and it all begins with the feet.

Orthotic Therapy

Our podiatrists have the expertise to suggest various orthotic devices that are individualized to meet the specific requirements of each individual.

Home Visits and Government Programs

If you’re unable to visit our clinic, there’s no cause for concern as our podiatry team caters to the Eastern Suburbs, Innerwest, Greater Western Sydney, and Southern Sydney districts in Sydney.

Women's Health

Our clinic is dedicated to prioritising women’s health and promoting their confidence and activity. We are devoted to providing specialized services and support that are tailored to address the unique needs of women, and help them achieve the best possible health and well-being. Our facility is designed with this goal in mind.

Biomechanical Assessments

It is essential to evaluate our movements and functionality to gain insight into any potential issues or proper functioning of our bodies, and how we perform routine activities in our daily lives.


Chronic health issues may consist of metabolic diseases like Type I and II diabetes, osteoporosis, and inflammatory conditions such as hypermobility syndromes or osteoarthritis.

Shockwave Therapy

In cases where traditional treatment and management methods are unsuccessful in alleviating pain, shock wave therapy offers a practical treatment alternative for chronic painful conditions.

Dry Needling & Mobilisation

Through thorough research, we have determined that our combination of acupuncture and dry needling techniques with this therapy can effectively alleviate pain and dysfunction in a natural manner.

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Daniel Cool
Daniel Cool
16 August 2023
Jade was fantastic. Her ability to scan my feet and provide me with orthotics that fit perfectly is second to none.
Jenny Matek
Jenny Matek
8 August 2023
Very disappointed I didn’t go to Jade earlier! I was suffering with plantar fasciitis for a year and Jade sorted me out. Jade is professional and took great care. The shockwave was unbelievably transformative in helping me deal with the pain and being me back to walking properly again. And customised orthotics have been a serious life changer. Highly recommend Jade and the team at Rosewell ????????
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis
11 March 2023
Jade has done an excellent job treating me and I highly recommend her.
Marco Pantalone
Marco Pantalone
9 March 2023
Jade Khoury of Rosewell Clinics Podiatry is nothing short of amazing! Jade was extremely knowledgeable, gentle and talked me through the whole procedure. I left my appointment completely free of pain and discomfort. I will be seeing Jade for all my future podiatry needs and recommend Jade Khoury to anyone that needs a high quality, friendly and punctual podiatrist.
Sanj Haych
Sanj Haych
7 March 2023
Amazing podiatrist, highly recommend. Jade is so professional, helpful and knowledgeable. She helped treat my severely infected and I grown toe nail. She also performed an ingrown toe-removal surgery for me at her clinic, which I am so thankful for. I was in excruciating pain for months and didn’t want to have surgery because I’m the type that is afraid of needles, blood, etc. but I decided to trust Jade and she did no disappoint. 2 years on and I am so happy for going to her and having her as my podiatrist. My husband also had severe problems with his feet and he is also now her patient as I highly recommended her. He is also s comfortable and extremely happy with her also. Keep up the great work!
Agapi Maniakis
Agapi Maniakis
27 February 2023
Jade is absolutely amazing, professional and knowledgeable. She has cured for me what no one could for 7 years. After spending thousands trying to treat mt toes, she has managed to do in one sitting. I have reoffered her to all my friends and family and would highly recommend all to visit her for any podiatry needs!
Evette Franjieh Azar
Evette Franjieh Azar
29 November 2022
Best podiatrists in the business. Not only do my husband and I get treated but also our 2 little children. Jade is so knowledgeable, gentle, and caring. She is so great with our babies under 2 years old. Her communication is impeccable and she always checks in to see how we're doing. She truly cares for her patients and always does an amazing job. I can't rave on enough about how great she is. Shes an expert in ingrown nails and is so talented in healing any ailments. She even does at home visits when life gets too much or if the kids need immediate attention. We've been to many podiatrists but no one like Jade. We see impeccable and immidiate results after a visit with Jade.
C. Short
C. Short
13 September 2022
I spent the majority of 2021 under the care of Dr Jade Khoury, undergoing very painful weekly treatments in order to manage a stubborn toe condition. Jade's professionalism, excellent bedside manner and humour helped to alleviate the dread and stress of the situation. She was excellent at explaining what was going on and what treatments she was using. She even showed up out of hours in an emergency even though she did not have to. All I can say is that if you're looking for a kind and knowledgeable podiatrist, look no further than Dr Jade Khoury. I finally have my life back thanks to her. ~~~ Just a follow up to my previous review. Since then I have been coming back for regular visits to monitor the situation and am happy to report everything has gone smoothly thanks to Jade and her expertise. Now our multi-year journey to nail health is finally at an end. Thank you so much to Jade for all her help. If you're looking for a warm, friendly and knowledgeable podiatrist, you've come to the right place!
Romeo Akkari
Romeo Akkari
14 August 2022
I need to say a big thank you for the orthotics, I felt the difference the same day. My knees and lower back pressure after using them are feeling so much better. Your professionalism and service is second to none.